What is our language?

The Code of Instituo

The code of instituo:

​Channeled from a far away land of creatures and beings of all strange states of consciousness comes the language of instituo. 

There are only a few who know the language of instituo; will you become the next?

It's not as easy as 1, 2, 3, A, B, C, as one may think when viewing from above.

Clues were hidden on this planet you call Earth, through a weird and wonderful telling tale of what the words are. Do you think you can figure it out? The simple lines look pleasing to our eyes but they reveal a deeper secret...

The very item you will be wearing soon will say... something, that maybe one day you'll know too.

Solve the riddle to crack the code and unlock our language.

Over time there will be more words channeled to us to create these interesting articles of clothing,

for you,

to wear with pride.

Will you be able to identify what each person is wearing?​ Can YOU crack the code?

So what are these letters? And how can you find out? Well, this is where the fun kicks in! We do kindly ask if you figure it out, to keep it fun for everyone else by allowing them to enjoy the experience of discovering the language for themselves. 

So let's get into it, read each post in THE CODE OF INSTITUO to uncover the clues to each letter of the word for each kind. Often, the color of your code can help!

Good luck.