"Eternal" - Sleeping Fox Tee

Our latest graphic tee is a collaboration with a talented tattoo artist, Sydney, and it’s a thing of beauty. The tee features a cute sleeping fox with flowers coming out of it. Sydney designed this shirt based around a word we gave her. The word is hidden in one of the stems of the flowers, making it the most hidden message within our brand yet. But don’t worry – there’s a riddle to decipher the word, just like our other tees. Wear this tee, and let the fox inspire you to break the stigma around mental health and open up with others.

Made with soft and durable 100% cotton, this t-shirt features a relaxed fit and a unique color scheme. Whether you're creating your dreams or just running errands, this t-shirt is the perfect choice for any occasion. To care for your t-shirt, machine wash cold and tumble dry low.

View the riddle for the Sleeping Fox tee here.