Artistry Born from Struggle

This is our heart and our soul—where struggle takes center stage. Our ink is spilled from a soul weary of silence, a battle etched in fabric. This isn't about mere threads; it's about wearing your story, your unfiltered truth. We're not here to tiptoe around the turmoil we face; we're here to wear it like armor. These shirts are our battle scars, our way of saying 'I won't be silenced.' You know those days when the darkness seems to swallow you whole, and the light at the end of the tunnel feels like a myth? Yeah, we've been there too. We're not promising rainbows and unicorns, but we damn well promise a space where your struggles are a badge of honor, a symbol of your fierce spirit. This isn't just fashion—this is a rebellion, a rebellion against the stigma that tells us to stay quiet. So, join us; join the rebellion. Wear your chaos, your fire, your unbreakable will. Let's scream in designs and colors, and let the world know that we're here, unapologetically, undeniably, alive.



Our tees echo the battles we have locked away in the shadows.

Our Language

On each piece of clothing are mysterious symbols. Our language is a secret key to be able to express ourselves. By wearing our hidden language, you can express yourself in any way you like—and others outside our tribe will look and see an expression of symbols waiting to be uncovered.

Discover what letter each symbol represents and learn our language for yourself.

So, who are we exactly?

What is We Are Dark?

We are a clothing brand focusing on mental health awareness and creating a safe space to discuss depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, many people feel uncomfortable or ashamed to discuss their struggles, leading to feelings of isolation and hopelessness.

By wearing “We Are Dark” it evokes the question “What does that mean?” This opens a conversation, breaks down the walls, and creates an environment that allows us to communicate openly and freely—without judgement.

The conversation you have with someone today, may be the reason they are here with us tomorrow.

Why did we create We Are Dark?

Feeling lost, anxious and alone has been something we experienced throughout our lives. During this time a simple tee with 'Dark' written on was created. It sparked an unexpected conversation between us about our difficult times and allowed us to connect on more than a surface level. We decided to turn 'Dark' into 'We Are Dark' a year later and create a tribe for others also struggling. Allowing for a safe and inclusive space where you can connect with others to find inspiration and support. Read more about us here.

What are the symbols on our clothing?

We have our own language in which our clothing is infused with. The symbols reflect the words and emotions we feel inside and allow us to express ourselves without judgment from others.

Writing can be an important first step to discovering the power of your own voice.

How do you learn the meaning of it?

A direct translation of our symbols to each corresponding English letter is available here.

What are we doing?

Changing the world. Join our tribe and help us?

Each year We Are Dark donates a percentage of its profits to a select charity organization. This year the organization will be the national suicide hotline.