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At We Are Dark, we believe that everyone deserves to find a supportive and welcoming community. That's why we've created a safe and inclusive space where you can connect with others who have been through similar struggles to find inspiration and support. From our clothing and accessories to our collectibles and care packages, we offer a variety of products that speak to the human spirit and its ability to overcome any challenge. Join us today and find your tribe at We Are Dark.

I felt so alone, to no tribe I belong,
A world I see, I feel so far from,
As I open my mind, I begin to see,
A wonderful journey, takes place in me.

I ebb and I flow, with the river inside,
slowly I learn to create, with pride.
The darkness stays, but there’s light now too,
I have found a place to belong, A tribe, Community,

I am a part, of We Are Dark.

Discover our Language

Only a few people know the language of instituo – will you be the next to join their ranks? Unlock the secrets of instituo by solving the riddles and clues hidden throughout this world. Each piece of clothing you wear holds a unique message in our language, waiting for you to decipher it.

Hidden in our language is a universe that exists within us all—a secret key to express ourselves without the fear or worry of judgement from others. By wearing our hidden language, you can express yourself in any way you like—and others outside our tribe will look and see an expression of symbols waiting to be uncovered. Only when they are ready, will the universe lead them on a path of discovery for themselves.

But be warned – the language of instituo is no simple task. The letters may look pleasing to the eye, but they hold a deeper secret waiting to be uncovered. Can you crack the code and discover the hidden meaning behind each word?

Wear your discoveries with pride and see if others can decipher the messages you're sending.

Start by reading each post in The Code of Instituo to become the master of our language.

Discover Your Inner Strength with We Are Dark

We Are Dark is more than just a brand – it's a movement of individuals who are dedicated to inspiring and supporting each other through life's challenges. Our products are designed to remind you that you are not alone and that there is always hope for a better tomorrow. Join us on our journey to discover the strength and resilience that lies within us all. Take a look around and find your place in our tribe today.

Wear Your Courage

Clothing for the journey to inner strength. Find solace in our soft, cozy garments while you gather the courage to face your challenges. Join our community of empowered individuals on the path to self-discovery and growth.

Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter is a reminder that our thoughts have power. We have the ability to control our thoughts and therefore, our reality. Wearing our clothing serves as a reminder to always keep a positive mindset and to never let your thoughts hold you back.

Be Your Own Hero

We Are Dark is a call to action to take control of your life and to be the hero of your own story. Each piece of clothing is a reminder to always believe in yourself and to never give up on your dreams.


To crack the code and discover our entire language for yourself, click here.

From the Tribe
When I first walked in inside the shop in Oahu, Hawaii at Waikiki, my friends and I were given by a warm welcomed by the owners. They explained to us what We Are Dark is all about and I fell in love with what they stand for. At that point, I knew I wanted to be part of the movement since I dealt with depression for a long time. Knowing that I won't be alone in my life, and there will be other people who will be there to support me; We Are Dark gave me that hope. Now, I'm enjoying my life to the fullest and I'm still in contact with these two amazing owners. Much love and aloha!
— Mark Sia
We Are Dark is an exceptional company. Their clothes, products, and their brand exist to remind you that you're not alone and to never give up! We need more of that in this world. Daniel and James care about their customers and dedicate themselves to ensuring their product and their delivery is always top-notch! Always recommend.
— Heather Miller
Soft & comfortable material,
Great customer service 😘
And it's fun to decode the message
♡ will order again
— Sonya Sharp
This brand means so much more than wearing awesome looking clothes, it’s the movement it supports that I love the most. I have 4 pieces from the We Are Dark collection and I always get asked about them. If you haven’t checked out the new location I highly recommend! You may even get a chance to speak with one of the owners of the brand when you visit the store :)
— Kayla Scheffler
I love the mission of We Are Dark. Mental Health is sometimes difficult to talk about but wearing the brand does help to create conversation. And the clothes are so comfy!
— Teresa Miller
After finally visiting we are dark store always be the bestest part of my 2022 🤍🖤💚💛 officially been Proud apart of community since 1st started ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
— Veronica B Green