Our journey began with James, who struggled with depression for much of his life. In his search for a sense of belonging, he came up with the concept of "Dark" and created a shirt featuring the word as a conversation starter.

It was while wearing this shirt in Los Angeles that James met Daniel, who shared a similar struggle with feelings of isolation and loneliness. The two connected deeply over the "Dark" concept and decided to evolve it into "We Are Dark", a community for those seeking a place to belong and support each other through their own battles.

While creating We Are Dark with James, Daniel was also writing a powerful and inspiring book, One Universe. In it, he shares the struggles he faced growing up and how he found the hope and motivation to keep going. One Universe is more than just a book - it's a beacon of light for anyone who feels lost or alone, offering a message of hope and the strength to keep fighting. We invite you to download your free copy on our website and join us on this journey of healing and growth.

Thank you for joining our tribe and being a part of the We Are Dark community. Together, we can help each other navigate the ups and downs of life and find the strength and courage to keep going.

Welcome to our tribe.

Daniel and James


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