Uniting the lonely, one t-shirt at a time.

WE ARE DARK is a brand created to bring awareness to those suffering from depression, loneliness, and suicidal thoughts. During the difficult times we are often left completely alone in the world with no one to talk to. We are here to let you know that you are not alone. WE ARE DARK is a community that anyone going through a difficult time can be a part of. Being sufferers ourselves of depression and suicidal thoughts throughout most of our lives, we know just how hard life can be. We are all in this: together.

We are a streetwear brand with a unique and intriguing twist and a deeper meaning. Our clothing has hidden words which can be deciphered through the site. Along with that, when you see someone else wearing clothing from WE ARE DARK you can be inspired to know that you and they belong to the WE ARE DARK movement, an international community.

A place to belong.


Suicide Awareness.


A statement.

The purpose of our brand is for you to see the support out there by people all over wearing the clothing you wear, going through their own hard times, and quietly making a statement in the clothes that they wear.

Each season we will release new designs and will continue have the ultimate comfort, quality and softness you've come to know and love from our brand.



A percentage of our profits will go towards creating a way to aid those who need some inspiration and enable them the ability to find their way through the darkness. The Care Packs will be completely free to everyone. Depending on our budget for the month packs will be mailed with the option to download and print for the rest of the community. Everyone will be included. Some packs will even comprise free gifts as a special thank you for your support and just one of the many ways we will be giving back to the community!

We have partnered with several artists and music companies to inspire a broad spectrum of creativity. There will be something for everyone to explore. You may be surprised to find you enjoy something you never thought you would before. Our idea is that rather than placing an intimidating blank page in front of you and saying "go be creative and create something"—we instead want to give you a little inspiration by having something already started that you can continue on from.

For more details on our Care Packs please click here.




Depression sucks.

Not knowing where you are going in life sucks.

Not believing you have a purpose in life sucks.

Sometimes just 'being' sucks.

Hi, I'm Daniel. One of the two partners who created WE ARE DARK.

2020 was the hardest year of my life. Mentally and emotionally I have faced the most challenging obstacles, and without my husband it would have been so difficult to face on my own. That's what depression feels like: being alone. We created WE ARE DARK to acknowledge that we are not alone. There are so many of us going through and facing so many challenges each and every day, despite what their Instagram's and social media accounts may be portraying. I have to say that I am guilty of this myself even, but with our brand we want to break the stigma and say it's okay to post and talk about the difficult time or situation you are going through.

To start our mission, I wrote and published a book last year detailing all of the struggles I have constantly gone through my entire life. Dealing with the early divorce of my parents, coming out as gay in school, and being bullied were just a few nightmares I had to live through. This book is completely free to anyone who would like to read it. I wrote this as my own release. A way for me to deal with, rather than suppress my feelings. It was a way for me to channel my depression and overcome all of the hurt and trauma I have been through my entire life. My book is called ONE UNIVERSE, because that's all we have is this one universe to live in. My book is inspirational and aims to give hope that if I made it through all of these REALLY difficult times, then so can you. Life on this planet is hard, but if we look past all of the negative things going on around us, there really is beauty in this world. Sometimes that's all the inspiration a person needs, is just to know it's POSSIBLE to get through the hard times. If you would like a copy of your own, it's available to download for free at:


Hey! I'm James. The other creator of WE ARE DARK. 

My story through life has been a very dark one, no glimmer of light in sight. I dragged myself through, no mission, no point, no reason... just... existing. at 19 the future looked bleak, until I realized I could move to another country and start a new. I struggled with my mental health the whole time and finally made it to Australia, from England. New and exciting, a new me! It was for a little while, but then the darkness seeped in through the tiredness and memories, until it consumed me once again. I'll move to Melbourne I thought, as I was living in Alice Springs... So I did, I made it to the city! Yes! New me, new environment, different people! Again, the sadness, longing feeling started again. I'll backpack the world! Go to Peru and try Ayahuasca! That'll sort me out! With no effect I still longed for something... Asia to teach English! But when I landed, I realized, I didn't need to move around so much, as 'great' as it is. The issue was my mind, and it followed me wherever I went.

Thus the idea of 'DARK' brewed in my mind. Over the course of the next 6 months I thought of ideas and what it symbolized to me. I went back to Australia, to create 'Dark'. I made 2 hoodies and 2 T-shirts. Then had a crazy idea to travel through America, visit the big destinations and photograph the clothing in each location. I landed in LA, but with a different mindset than every other place I'd been. It was to visit, and pass through, not to live, though I did like the idea. Then I met Daniel. I told him about 'Dark' and he loved it, but it was just that, a conversation. I stayed longer in LA, a lot longer. We talked about 'Dark' a lot, and he came up with the 'We Are' in front of it. I loved the idea, and understood the community it could grow into. Then the symbols came. Something unique, and our own. I sketched up the symbols over 2 or 3 days in the cafe whilst with a good friend and Daniel. This is it, we thought the hard part was over, the idea, the concept. We had it! 

Oh were we wrong. Sample after sample they were awful. We spent over a year ordering samples that were embroidered and printed, to be met with the worst quality and customer experience. Maybe we just have super high standards? But I wouldn't be content knowing my name was attached to something so badly done. 

It wasn't until we moved to Hawaii we found some awesome, hard working and quality people to work with. Thus 'We Are Dark' was created and operational. A brand to raise awareness for those dark days, to inspire and give hope to the world. That you are not alone. 

I  still have my dark days. In fact, I have them more often than not. But now I have a purpose, a reason to be here. and for everyone reading this to know that if you smile at me, I will smile back. I understand as much as anyone in the world how this feels. Spend the time to discover who you are, not always what you 'look up to be like' because the reality of those lives is not all it's cracked up to be. Find what makes you get out of bed, makes you think and makes an hour feel like 5 minutes. These are the real gems in life. Use the care packages to find something you enjoy. There is no such thing as 'bad' in creative arts. Your interpretation is important. After all, Picasso's work was considered 'awful' in his time, but look at it now. 

We are here, We hear you, We see you. WE ARE DARK.



Our clothing is bold.
Our brand is bold.
Our mission is bold.

WE ARE DARK is a brand to awaken the world and put an end to suppressing the negative feelings we experience. The more you suppress those feelings and emotions, the more you will have to face and endure later in your life; only amplified because it will all unfold at once. At a breaking point.

It's okay to be sad. It's okay to be lonely. It's okay to feel lost.

We've been there. We are STILL going through our own waves of sadness. I continue to get this dark cloud that comes over me full of emptiness from time to time. I just know that it's temporary and I DO have a full life ahead of me to live. Once you acknowledge that these feelings are normal and part of life, you can finally start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You can finally experience the wonderful feelings this life has to offer.

Our Goals

After a successful launch of our Care Packs, we are striding towards our big vision of a beautiful future. As our brand continues to grow we want to evolve into a non-profit organization and have creative arts centers around the world. These will be like preschool for adults. A place where you can come and learn something new and creative without the bounds of grades or being told "you're doing it wrong." Because creativity is never wrong. Some of the world's greatest creations came from doing something wrong.

These Creative Arts centers will have different areas where you can learn anything from drawing, painting, music, photography, videography, piano, meditation, the list is endless. These centers will be completely free to all and funded entirely by our organization. Creativity is one of the best things we can do to transform those dark times into something bright.

The Environment

We care about our world just as much as we care about our mental state. That's A LOT. We are working locally with our team here in Hawaii to find material with 100% cotton so we can avoid putting microplastics into the ocean. Our goal is to be polyester free as soon as possible! Polyester is created from crude oils the same way in which plastic is. It contains carcinogens that sit on your skin and each wash a polyester t-shirt sheds around 140 microplastic fibers, which in turn get washed into the ocean and into our sea creatures ultimately finding their way onto our plates that we consume. Microplastics are so saturated in the ocean that it's already embedded in our DNA from the fish we eat today.

If you would like to do some extra research on the impact of polyester in our water, you can start with a link to a National Geographic article here.

Thank you for your support.

Daniel, James, and Monji
111 Hekili St
Ste A498
Kailua, HI 96734
Uniting the lonely, one t-shirt at a time.

Feel free to send us an email using the form below. We welcome any questions, comments or concerns and we would love to hear from you. We typically respond within one business day.

We are all in this: together.