This mural was painted on our store when we lived in Hawaii.

Through thick and thin—we begin to look within.
And as we grow and expand,
within ourselves and through the brand.
Let us not pretend,
I will face my fears, and ascend.
Only together: _ _   _ _ _   _ _ _ _.
(Look below the image for the riddle, and discover the mural for yourself.)



There is no I or ME anymore—it's come to all of us. And there comes your first two clues. I'm a part of the stars, and as a few twinkle and fade away, just add a little e—and you'll find me. And there you have your next three clues. And for the last four...but what are the stars, without me? And what am I, without the stars. One by one, they all emerge. And as they grow, I start to fade—hidden inside the shade. They are the yin, and I am the yang. We all have our time to shine.

Daniel Miller