I'm Dead Inside Tee

Here I stand, a mere semblance of the person I once was, almost skeletal, staring into the abyss with vacant eyes. In my grip, a gun poised against my own existence. The words I speak cut to the core: "I'm dead inside, but I can't pull the trigger."

This tee captures a snapshot of my world, a moment of agonizing hesitation. The gun becomes a reflection of my torment, a symbol of the crossroads I find myself at. My heart is a battleground, torn between the yearning for release and the fragile threads that bind me to this life.

"I'm dead inside"—an admission of the void that gnaws at my soul, a confession of the wounds that society's cruelties have carved into me. I've been stripped down, reduced to a skeletal frame, a mere shell of the person I used to be. "But I can't pull the trigger"—a glimpse into the complexity of my struggle, a testament to the strength and fear that keeps me teetering on the edge.

An externalized plea for empathy and understanding. A mirror reflecting the darkness that has taken root, a visual testament to the battles waged within.

Wearing this tee is my proclamation, my way of saying that even though I feel lifeless within, I cling to the threads of existence, refusing to succumb. Each hollow echo resonates with my struggle, my determination to endure, and my hope for a glimmer of light in the shadows.