Social Media is Toxic Tee

Step into my nightmare with the 'Digital Zombification' tee—a chilling reflection of a world turned gray by screens.

I'm the zombie, my eyes hollow as they're glued to my phone. Social media's siren song once promised connection, but now I'm a disconnected shell, a slave to the glowing abyss. Every joy, every real moment, stolen by the irresistible urge to capture and share. Life unfolds, but I'm trapped in a scrolling trance, missing out one notification at a time. I'm haunted by the digital ghosts of others, forgetting that behind the polished posts lie human struggles. I'm choked by comparison, shackled by a cycle that suffocates my joy. The toxicity of social media, I swallow it daily.

I put on this shirt as a chilling whisper, a scream against the decay that's eating us alive. Let it be a stark reminder that real life can't be confined to a screen, and the moments meant to be lived are slipping through our digital grasp. We are fading, lost in the abyss, and this tee is my rallying cry to break free before it's too late.