I Am Dark Tee

I am dark—a raw reflection of the isolation that's etched into my soul. As I scratch these words out, my hand becomes a testament to the pain of being alone and adrift. Every stroke is a whisper of my struggle, a cry for connection that's gone unanswered. A silent plea etched into the fabric. A visual testament to my journey from 'We Are' to 'i am,' a solitary existence carved from the ache of the loss I feel.

I wear this tee as a badge of my vulnerability, to the community that I have lost, and now I stand alone. Where has my place gone? As I wear this tee, it becomes a piece of my soul, a tangible reminder of the emptiness that engulfs me. A heartfelt call for connection, a plea for the warmth of belonging.

In the midst of isolation, I wear my truth on my chest, hoping that someday, the 'We Are' will find its way back to me.