Angels Will Cry Tee

This tee has become a raw canvas of my inner turmoil. Fearing that I have already made the ultimate decision.

A figure transformed by the storm within, now adorned with celestial wings. I've traversed the dark labyrinth of my soul, a journey paved by the anguish that once consumed me. This tee, etched with words that cut through my veins, reveals a truth I've carried within: 'Angels will cry when I die.' It's an echo of the path that led me to this ethereal realm, an ode to the good soul that's been pushed to the brink. The figure before you, once shackled by the chaos of existence, now takes flight, each wingbeat a testament to the love that once coursed through my veins; but is now gone forever.

My wings, my armor and art, carry the weight of both sorrow and strength. Each stroke of the pen etches a piece of my story, a narrative etched in scars and pain. Written above, 'suicide' is inscribed onto the cross that cradles my angelic form, a stark symbol of the struggle that brought me to this point. The world's weight, an accumulation of heartbreak and abandonment, is etched into my very being, a reminder of the love and care I've given, despite the world's hate. Angels will cry not for my demise, but for the goodness I carried, for the compassion I wielded even in the face of my own torment.

By wearing this tee, it has become a testament to the fire that still burns within me. It's my lifeline that prevents the unfathomable; the unthinkable. It's a bridge between the darkness that once threatened to devour me and the light I'm fighting to embrace. Through this art, through this message, I defy the grip of despair, and I declare that I am more than the sum of my struggles.

For every angel's tear that falls, let it be a tribute to my battle for survival—a testament to my unyielding strength that refuses to be extinguished by the storms of life.