Countdown to Desolation Tee

I've become a spectator in the relentless march of time. Imagine this: a clock, its face the visage of death, his skeletal hand gesturing for me to come closer. On the clock, in stark letters, it reads 'tic-tok a minute closer to death.'

A mirror to my reality, a plea for an escape from the unending ordeal. Negative experiences pile like boulders, an unyielding barrage that never grants me a moment's rest. Each tick, each tock, is a footstep on the path toward the inevitable—a call to 'Hurry up and die.' It's a raw symbol of a life that's become a labyrinth of suffering, a constant storm without a reprieve. The clock's hand moves inexorably forward, and with it, I find myself yearning for the relief that death's embrace may bring.

Once, I feared death's grip, but now, it's become a beacon of respite. I wear this tee as a whispered surrender, an acknowledgment that the battles have become too much. A testament to the weight I bear, a tangible representation of my hope for a release from this ceaseless struggle. A glimpse into the hidden turmoil, a stark reminder of the complex dance between yearning and acceptance.

Through the darkness, I seek a light, a quiet embrace that, perhaps, awaits beyond the ticking hands.