Hanging By a Thread Tee

Right now, I'm hanging by a thread—all I can see is a chilling depiction of my internal battle, a haunting narrative of a soul on the precipice. This rope—a reflection of a decision that will alter my fate. A taut thread, a lifeline that runs through me, connecting to my soul suspended in the air—lifeless, hung in the grips of death's embrace. I am the bridge between myself and that hanging soul, and the button becomes a mirror, offering a choice that echoes between life and death.

This tee captures my silent struggle, the unseen tug-of-war that rages within me. My hand hovers, a moment suspended in time, a choice that could plunge me into the abyss or grant me reprieve, just a little longer. The thread, my lifeline, dangles precariously, a reminder of the delicate balance between existence and surrender. In this expression of anguish, I confront the relentless forces that threaten to pull me apart, the battles waged within the depths of my being.

An intimate snapshot of my ongoing battle, a testament to my power to choose to let go or not—the fight for my very essence. A mirror to the turmoil coursing through my veins, a visual plea for understanding and empathy.

Every thread I hold becomes a lifeline, every choice a testament to my unyielding will to survive.

In loneliness, we silently drown,
No hopeful whispers, no hand around,
Isolation grips, a silent foe,
In darkness, where despair does grow.

Amidst the chaos of life's refrain,
We hide our pain, our silent strain,
Yearning for solace, a glimmer of care,
But the world rushes by, unaware.

Yet, in the darkness, we slowly fade,
A cry unheard, a life betrayed,
No words can heal our weary souls,
As we lose ourselves, beyond control.

So let us talk, let's dare to see,
The souls obscured by misery,
For in understanding, we may find,
The light that heals the darkest mind.


Color: Black