Fragmented Soul Tee

I am both the puzzle and the solver, my heart cries a plea to 'put me together again.' Every piece strewn around me bears the weight of 'broken,' a word etched into the very core of my being. A glimpse into the labyrinth of my emotions, a testament to the monumental journey of healing that lies ahead. 

My gaze, laden with sorrow, mirrors the struggle that looms too vast to comprehend. The puzzle fragments that encircle me reflect the very disarray of my soul, a puzzle that appears insurmountable, a chaos too complex to navigate. A mirror to my pain, a stark reminder to myself that the path to healing can feel like an impossible climb. This tee has become my wearable confession, a silent plea for the strength to begin, to gather the pieces and rebuild myself. 

In the face of the overwhelming, it's my beacon of hope, a reminder that the first piece is the hardest, but it's the beginning of a journey to wholeness.