Sleep, Cry, Eat, Repeat Tee

I have become the caricature of my own despair. What little that is left of me is devouring the remnants of my vitality, 'Sleep, cry, eat, repeat'—I am a broken record stuck on endless repeat. I have hit rock bottom.

Ever been so deep in the pit that sleep is an escape, tears are a symphony, and eating is a mechanical ritual? This tee wears my heart on its sleeves, my broken soul displayed for the world. It's a scream, a scream against the cruel world that led me here. I'm caught in a cycle, drowning in a sea of 'why me' and 'what ifs.' 

This tee is my defiance against my reality. It's a silent roar of those who've tasted darkness, who've danced with despair. This tee is my way of saying, 'I've been there, and I'm still standing.' Let it be my battle cry, my shout into the void—'I won't be consumed.'


Color: Black