Suffocating from Self Doubt Tee

A cloud exploding in my mind—a raw showcase of my internal warfare. I'm trapped in a relentless scream, my own thoughts crashing like a storm. A symphony of torment reverberates—a relentless chorus of self-doubt, an orchestra fueled by the world's demands. Anxious, depressed, self-loathing, and a host of other demons are etched on my mind's canvas. These words, this vicious cycle, they're the product of a world that carved self-hatred deep into my bones. From every corner, 'not enough' has been chiseled into my very being.

This tee? It's my rebellion, my stand against the discord within. I refuse to be silenced by my own mind. My scream echoes through every thread—each stitch, each fiber, is my fuck you to the voices that try to break me. This is my rebellion, my battle over the screaming within.